The Melbourne Medical School Anniversary: A Student’s Review

Melissa LeeIn 2012, 150 medical students chose to add to their already busy lives by becoming student ambassadors for the 150th anniversary of the Melbourne Medical School.

It was a busy year for all those involved, but for us in particular, it was a year of opportunities.

We had the opportunity to learn about the rich history of our medical school, and to work closely with senior Faculty academics, but the greatest opportunity was meeting so many alumni of the Melbourne Medical School. It was humbling to meet such inspiring and exceptional members of the medical profession.

The historic and spectacular Gala Dinner was attended by graduates from 1941 to 2011 – seventy years of medical alumni in the room.

The Med150 Ambassador Program encompassed students from across the whole medical course. As I reflect on the year, I would like to particularly mention the Student Charity Group, who coordinated a fundraising program amongst medical students collecting donations of $20.12 – an amount corresponding to the year of the 150th.

They were successful in raising over $1400, which will contribute to the Medical Student Scholarship Fund being launched in 2013.

In fifty years time, the Melbourne Medical School will be two hundred years old. If 150 students donate an amount corresponding to the year, every year, for 50 years, the fund will grow to over four million dollars by 2062. But the contributions of medical alumni will make the endowment grow much more, providing much-needed support for students to study medicine at Melbourne.

Melissa LeeOn behalf of all the Med150 Ambassadors, it was a privilege to meet alumni and friends of the Melbourne Medical School throughout the year.

I hope all our ambassadors return to the University in fifty years time, to share our stories, and to support the students of 2062.

To my fellow ambassadors, and particularly my committee members, thank you for all your efforts in 2012. It has been wonderful working with you and I hope the program continues into the future.

And to all alumni and friends who participated in the year’s program of events – thank you for your continued support and interest in the Melbourne Medical School.

Melissa Lee, President, Med150 Ambassador Program