Stories from the 150th

July 2011

James Guest recalls his days as a medical student at the University of Melbourne in an interview with Jenny Hayes (MBBS 1982).

James, came to Melbourne University in the mid 1930s, originally to study science, but was persuaded to move into medicine by the renowned anatomist, Frederic Wood Jones, who was Professor of Anatomy at Melbourne (1930-37).

April 2011

The Australian Medical Association (Victoria) recently donated its collection of historical documents, objects and photographs to the Medical History Museum. This wonderful compilation of photographs, documents, newspaper cuttings etc were created by Miss Ann Tovell during her years as AMA librarian and have been on loan to the University since 1994. 

The University Library recently added Speculum, the journal of the Melbourne Medical Students' Society, and the Australian Medical Journal to its digital online repository. This wonderful resource includes digital copies of a wide range of items from the University's teaching and learning collections, special collections and research collections.

Issue 1 of Speculum was published in 1884, and contained an article titled "Retrospective No. 1" which opens with this delightful note:

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