Honorary Doctor of Medical Science

Tuesday 11 September, 2012

As part of the Melbourne Medical School’s 150th anniversary celebrations, nine individuals were presented with the degree of Honorary Doctor of Medical Science for their outstanding contributions to the field of medicine.  

Doctoral recipients Ian Anderson, Lorraine Dennerstein AO, Joanna Flynn AM, James Guest AM, Sandra Hacker AO, Margaret Henderson OBE, John Mathews AM, Hugh Niall, and Richard Smallwood AO were in the presence of the Chancellor, academic staff, heads of colleges, deans of faculties, members of Council and the Provost for this historic occasion. 
All have made valuable and enduring contributions to the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities across the world.  
‘The degree of Honorary Doctor of Medical Science is one of the highest honours the University can bestow upon an individual: an honour infrequently proposed and sparingly given,’ said the Chancellor, Ms Elizabeth Alexander. 
Children, grandchildren, friends and colleagues of the doctoral recipients attended the conferring ceremony at University Hall to celebrate the achievements of their loved ones.
The 150th anniversary has proven a wonderful opportunity to recognise those who have made remarkable contributions to the University’s history. Earlier this year the Honorary Doctor of Laws was bestowed upon seven individuals for their lifelong influence and leadership in medical research and practice.  
Both events have been of great symbolic and historical significance to the Melbourne Medical School. 
The citations from the Conferring of Degree Ceremony may be viewed here.
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