Dr Gregory Mundy


Greg Mundy, one of this university’s most distinguished alumni, died on February 25 at his home in San Antonio, Texas after a long illness. His career was one of consistent, remarkable achievement over four decades in bone cell biology and its control by hormones and cytokines, the implications of this for osteoporosis, and most notably, for the skeletal complications of cancer.

Dr Peter Graham


For 48 years Peter ‘Doc’ Graham was GP on-call and much-loved community member of Cohuna, in northern Victoria.


Charles Bridges-Webb was a major figure in international primary care research for many years. Born in 1934, he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Melbourne in 1957. From 1960 to 1975 he worked as a general practitioner in Traralgon where he commenced his life long interest in the classification of primary care.


David S Baxter (BSc 2001, MBBS 2006)

Simon Bernard (MD 2009, MBBS)


Elizabeth M Varrenti (MBBS 1991)