Class of 1992

20 October, 2012

On Saturday 20 October, 136 people celebrated their 20 year reunion by watching the sunset over Melbourne at Eureka 89. This was a spectacular venue for our first reunion since we have graduated. There were graduates who had travelled from Ireland, UK, Canada, New Zealand and from interstate. Apologies were accepted from these countries as well as USA, Malaysia and even Ethiopia!

It was a great time to hold a reunion as most of us have now settled into our chosen profession or specialty of medicine and are developing many outside interests. Professionally there were several professors and even a president of the AMA. Outside of medicine, interests and achievements also included artists and published authors of fiction.

Although many of us had become greyer with thinner hair and have succumbed to the natural aging process, there were many who had kept a keen sense of a healthy lifestyle and looked the same as they did in university days.

The speeches were kept short with some fond memories of medical student days delivered (or embellished). The only other entertainment for the night was a continuous loop of scanned personal photos from university days, which proved to be immensely popular.

The fantastic night was capped off by “after event drinks” at The Langham Hotel, which was attended by 60 people, some enjoying the ambience until 3 am.

Anthony Poon