Class of 1945

17 October, 2012

The reunion for the 67th year after graduation of the medical year of 1945 was held at the home of Jim and Lois Keipert on October 17, 2012.

We have fifteen surviving members of whom 12 accepted the invitation to attend. Unfortunately Kit Critchley and Don Hewson were unable to attend at the last moment.

Present were Joan Hosking, Iris Leber, Ian Mackay, Des Prentice, Donal Rush, Kurt Schwarz, Stathy Shannos, Michael Shoobridge, Eric Taft and Jim Keipert.

For geographical and other reasons Keith Torode, Barry Christophers and Jack Swann were unable to attend.

It was a very happy reunion of old colleagues, catching up with happenings over the past year and reminiscing about past activities, some up to 72 years ago.

Jim Keipert