Audrey (Claude) Belle Officer (Adams) (MBBS 1949)


Audrey, and her future husband, John Cairns Suetonious Officer, graduated from Melbourne University in 1949. They spent their residency year at the Launceston General Hospital, then were married at the beginning of 1951, having moved to Hobart where John was a ward doctor at the Repatriation General Hospital. He remained at the hospital, eventually as superintendent, until his death in 1983.

During a brief period at home with three small children, Audrey made local calls around Fern Tree, the mountainside suburb of Hobart, where they lived. She always enjoyed working with children and, at one stage, thought about specialising in paediatrics. This being out of the question – it would have required training in England – she began work with the School Medical Service, staying there for 37 years, with a brief time off while their fourth and youngest child was born.

Audrey enjoyed her work immensely and, upset at her forced retirement when she turned 65, moved into a private practice, with Athol Corney, looking after the families and employees of the Electrolytic Zinc Company.

Audrey did enjoy her eventual retirement: she spent it travelling, surfing (a life-long-love) and bushwalking. She also enjoyed socialising with her many different groups of friends and somehow found time for volunteering.

Having four children, 15 grandchildren and six great grandchildren, Audrey’s life was busy and fulfilled. She enjoyed it with grace, love, enormous generosity and fun until her last couple of years.

Liz Dombrovskis (Audrey and John’s daughter)

John and Audrey Officer